Friday, May 3, 2013

A Little Bit Of Everything

It's been a while since my last post, and I have finished a few more projects... I had great intentions of posting each project as I finished it, but life got in the way!

The first was another 'Thank You' card for Administrative Professionals Day. It was for the same company as the other 4 cards.

The next project was to make more of the wall art cards I made for my friend's mom. She decided she wanted to give them as gifts when she got home...

My 3rd project was a birthday card for a friend who hates his birthday. I had originally thought it was going to be a very different card than it ended up being (colour and style-wise)... It's not uncommon for that to happen though! :)

My 4th project was another wall canvas for my mom's friend's grandchild (couldn't give one to one of them, and not give one to the others! Grandbaby #3 is due any time now, so there will be another project soon...).

You can sort of see how the owl is dimensional in the top picture... I upcycled some styrofoam packaging that I had to make it stand out from the canvas.

The final project was a picture frame for baby Hunter, to go with his wall canvas. I didn't have a copy of the picture that will go in it (a close-up of him sleeping), so you have to use your imagination for what it will look like...

I also ordered a custom stamp for the back of my cards etc., and am really excited to get to use it! I was surprised how reasonably priced it ended up being, and the store is about a minute from a skytrain station, so it was easy to pick up.

 I have lots of projects in the works for the next little while (a Mother's Day card, 4 birthday cards, another wall canvas, and a whole bunch of wedding invitations), so stay tuned! :)

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