Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm Back!

Hello everyone! It's been ages since my last post, and I've got lots of projects to share! I thought I'd start with one that puts a huge grin on my face- my very own craft room! I moved at the end of June last year, and the place we moved into is amazing, with space for me to have a craft room and my boyfriend to have a man cave. In my old place, when I crafted it often looked like this:

I called it the craft tornado! Ha ha. I would end up taking over my desk, the dining room table, and a lot of floor space too. I got even more creative when I had to make 75 wedding invitations and response cards in the middle of my big move, and did this:

It actually worked pretty well- I used the top of a disassembled desk that I bought second-hand before moving, and turned my bed into my work space! Unfortunately, that also meant a lot of clean-up had to be done before I was able to sleep...

When I got my new craft room, it looked like this:

Pretty boring... 

I like colour, so I painted and decorated, and made it my own. Now it's a fun and organized space that inspires me to create! Here are some pics of what it looks like at the moment (it's always a work in progress, continually changing as I figure what I like, and what needs to be different...):

That's it for now- hope you enjoyed the tour! Stay tuned for more posts...

P.S.- The colourful shelves on the far right of the last picture are filled with cards that I've made up in hopes of selling!


  1. Ha ha! She's welcome to come visit me!

  2. Love the pics and the space; hate the text. Some darkish colour on a purple background has too little contrast for these tired old eyes. Just sayin'... :-)